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Who We Are And What We Do Best…

It is often said that the youth are the future leaders of every nation but a nation that does not invest in its youth has no future.

EMP is a family of knowledgeable and passionate individuals, young men and women who desire to influence the lives of many youth whose hopes and lives may be shattered in our world today.

The mere presence of brawny youth doesn’t guarantee a prosperous future for a nation; it is only when the nation invests in its youth with the requisite mentoring skills and support that the youth can contribute to the socioeconomic development of the nation in the foreseeable future.

Research has shown that, young people who are at risk for not completing high school, but who have mentors are far more likely to go on to college or the University, participate in positive activities and volunteer in community development projects. The resulting mentoring effect ensures that our next generation is well-prepared to lead in the diverse global economy.

We believe that working to connect the youth to meaningful relationships with mentors is a compelling national need. In spite of Ghana’s considerable resources, too many of our youth are struck by poverty and community violence, too many of our students struggle to complete their education, and too many young adults have trouble finding a career foothold in our current economy. Clearly, more must be done to nurture the youth through their challenges, to ensure their personal and educational development, and support their efforts to join and contribute adequately to the Ghanaian workforce.

We have also recognized the hard work of some mentoring organizations in helping young people achieve positive outcomes through mentoring. EMP will leverage on the innovations, trends and best practices of some of these organizations to become the leading youth mentoring organization in the country.

Rev. Dr. Edgar Collingwood-Williams – Founder / C. E. O., EMP


In 2019, Rev. Dr. Edgar Collingwood-Williams having had a personal encounter with some destitute youth on the streets of Accra, thought to himself that no single mentoring organization could help solve the numerous challenges that these youth go through each passing day; hence the birthing of EMP. Using the tools and models of Kingdom principles as our guide; EMP will employ structures such as apprenticeships, internships and formal guilds to reach out to the youth and help them find fulfilling, meaningful vocations. By steadfastly guiding and educating them to find and develop rewarding opportunities.

The ELITE Mentoring Program will also provide a systematic process for its members to carry out its mission of providing a lifelong integrated learning and developmental opportunities. Ultimately, we hope to win souls for Christ and advance the course of the Kingdom.