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We Have Toiled All Night – pt 2

Like many of us and many more others, we are like Simon. We have our dreams but have lost direction. We have the potentials but do not know how to utilize it. We need that helping hand, in terms of; knowledge for what we need to do, financial assistance, leadership, motivation and so on. Simply put we need a Mentor. Someone to look up to and guide us to unearth our potentials and bring to fruition what is within us.

The verse 10 of Luke chapter 5 made us realize that Simon could be much more than a fisherman fishing for fishes, he could be a fisher of men. The rest of the life of Simon Peter after the encounter with Christ is something, we can all attest to.

EMP is on the search, we have come to unearth potentials, to guide, to direct and to empower the youth of this Nation.  The youth on the street are calling, they have what the world needs. The poor and the needy but willing youth are toiling in all directions burdened with their dreams. Some have accepted their fate and have docked their dreams of boat at the shore. Many are now washing their nets at the shore trying to survive by the day.

We have toiled all night looking for a helping hand. We have been disappointed in our search. Many has suffered different form of abuse and betrayals.

With a team of mentors with different pedigrees and professions, with willing and passionate youth, Elite Mentoring Program has come to the rescue. To make the world a better place we believe it will take a stretch of a hand. To ignite that fire, it needs a scratch of a match and to change the lives of millions it starts with the life of one person. Are you ready to roll with us? Just comment below and will be get in touch with you.

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