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We Have Toiled All Night – pt 1

Luke 5:5a KJV …Master, we have toiled all the night…

There is a saying that “if you want to see where the greatest dreams remain unfulfilled, go to the graveyard” – anonymous

Many lived years on earth and were still buried with their unrealized dreams. I wonder sometimes how beautiful the world will be if all these dreams came into fruition. Most diseases will have cure by now, technology will be more advanced. I feel the world is more than 200 years behind in advancement due to this fact.

The main point is not on the unrealized dreams but why were they not fulfilled. Was it discovered late? Did people stall too long to work on it? Or they lacked the direction to work on it? Or they did not get the prerequisite elements to put them together? Should they have someone to guide them I believe most would have died fulfilling their potentials to the maximum to benefit humanity. The life of man is like a breath, it passes quickly before you know it, yet there is more we can do if we are able to find the right direction in time.

This brings me to the story in the bible in the book of Luke chapter 5 versus 5. The beginning of this story is about the time Jesus started calling his disciples. He got to the Lake of Gennesarat where he borrowed the boat of one Simon a fisherman to preach. This Simon was an experienced fisherman in his own right. To him he knew the sea and how to catch the big fishes. Like any other person I choose to believe he has his dream of excelling in his occupation. Yet the book of Luke tells us on this day he was only washing his net after a failed catch. How possible? Were all the fish’s dead? Were they on a vacation in another country? How can there be no catch for him and his companion.

After Jesus was done using the boat, he asked Simon “Launch out into the deep and let your nets for a catch” of which Simon answered “Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing…” At the end it is realized he caught a great number of fish more than his net could carry after heeding to the word of Jesus.

The secret to the catch was a direction. Its MENTOR-SHIP. Simon had run out of ideas but not dreams. All he needed that time was someone to show him the next step to take, someone to lend a helping hand. Someone to motivate him.

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