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We Have Risen for Our Nation

“Arise Ghana youth for your country
The nation demands your devotion,
Let us all unite to uphold her,
And make her great and strong
We are all involved 3×
In building our motherland.” – JMT Dosoo

This is a song we used to sing during primary school, as children it was a song with a nice tune, little did we know it was to build a character and patriotism in us.

When asked who or what is Ghana? I will say, Ghana is not just a geographical location on the globe or map. No!! it is a people with a unique identity. The first country on the African continent to gain ‘Independence’. A country that was identified with its richness “GOLD COAST”. Our History leaves the Ghanaian youth swooning but reality makes us “despair”

How soon have we forgotten the foundation laid to build our character? If the youth of Ghana, sits, the country or continent will just be increasing in decadence. As said by Dr Kwame Nkrumah “Our Independence is meaningless unless it is linked with the total liberation of Africa” but I say ‘Ghana is not liberated until the hope of her youth is revived’.

This is why EMP has come to make the youth of Ghana rise with their God-given potentials through mentorship, to build the youth of Ghana. And as the youth of Ghana is built, Africa as a whole is built. Change is difficult but not impossible. It never starts from a group but an individual with a vision.

EMP has come as a SUN to wake the youth of Ghana up, to rise and not go to sleep again. To remind the youth of their devotion to make the nation great and strong. As a guide to unearth hidden potentials and renewal of their mind through mentoring. “None but ourselves can free our mind” as said by Bob Marley.

As EMP continues to leave an indelible mark on the heart of people through mentorship, Ghana will become a place where others will seek for greener pastures. Let’s take a moment and remind ourselves of our Anthem, for we are all involved in building our motherland.