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The “Success” As Defined By Society

The “Success” As Defined By Society; Pt 2

We always admire the game changers, those who dared to be different, those who closed their ears and eyes to what society has defined the creators of our time but we only dream to be them without breaking from our shell. Christ faced a lot of condemnation and unwarranted enmity because the miracles he performed was against the norm of the society. Will it even be a miracle in the first place if it is within expectations? The inventors of this generation were not those with perfect scores or with the “societal success” definition. They were those who thought of the general good of society, saw a gap to fill and used their potentials to work relentlessly to achieve it.

We can be successful if only we can identify our potentials and align ourselves with those with the right ability to harness our potentials. We can do great together by not desiring to walk on the lone path to be successful. Companies merge to gain large market share to dominate so can our potentials. We need to drop the spirit of competing to attain the “societal success” and define a success generations can profit from. We must cast away the competition for supremacy but the success of all. This will make it easy to lend a helping hand instead of carrying our ladder for fear others will climb and by-pass us should we hang it and climb.

It is time to cast away our prisoner’s cloth and dare to be different. Prisoners are identified by their clothes; the poor, rich, beautiful or ugly are clothed in the same way, fed with the same food and guided by the same rules. We are just running in circles in the same yard until we step aside. The greed in our society is bred by how society has defined us. Each one wants to gather the wealth of multitude to satisfy their family and store the rest for their children because the predecessors did same. We are in a queue waiting for our turn to loot and share.

Pardon me to end with a song by Sam Cooke titled Change is gonna come. (I was born by the river. In a little tent, Oh and just like the river I’ve been running ever since. It’s been a long time coming but I know change is gonna come). I believe the change is here, you are here, and you are the change. You are the chain breaker; you are the definition of a new status quo.

Akosua Omenaa (Apatu The Blue Bird)