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The “Success” As Defined By Society

The “Success” As Defined By Society; Pt 1

Let’s take a short test.  Send a message or stop about ten (10) people and ask them to define what success is? You will be amazed to discover the varying definition which will unearth the cruelty society has handed to us, the cage we have grown to live in, the imprisonment of our true self and the shackles we have accepted as accessory.

The best student from our kindergarten class is the one to always have a perfect score, where perfect by the teachers definition is 100%. The one to always get the blue band or praise at home by our parents is the one who gets more A’s on the scorecard. The one to receive more scolds and laughed at as you know “your guess is as good as mine” is the one who gets the lowest score. The question is who sets the questions to be answered in class? Who gave the definitions we are meant to memorize as a lifeline? Who accepted it as correct and by what standard did they use to be generally accepted. Even if it is applicable to the majority, what happens to the few minorities? The FACTS accepted by the majority may not be the TRUTH. It always takes one to challenge the status quo and set a new standard which later becomes the new fact. This means the fact might change but not the truth.

Many people have lived all their years on earth trying to fit in the definition of society thereby wasting their potentials without the privilege to discover them. Many have been running around chasing dreams that are not theirs to begin with. What breaks my heart most are the many that have lost the courage to be who they are and accept who they really are. The broken children who have grown to be broken men and women because they could not meet the societal definitions and are trying to force their innocent children to achieve what they could not.

Pick ten (10) children and ask them what they want to be in future and it will not be far from what their parents desire to have been. Ask them the road map for their future and trust me 90% of what you will hear will be to get good grades, go to Senior High school, gain admission to college, find a good job, marry and have children. Bingo!!! The dreamland. Any diversion from this is deemed a failure. Preach the gospel from Genesis to Revelation and this “demon” called failure will still have a comfortable place to live and organised parties. Dare to fail your Senior High exams, or gain employment after College or attain a certain defined age single, if the pressure from family and friends do not break you the self-imposed “failure” will do you in.

To be Continued …

Akosua Omenaa (Apatu The Blue Bird)