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The Market Boy

There was a story of a market kobolor (“a word describing someone who is hustling to make it in life. Usually associated with the poor in society” – boy who happened years ago. This young boy left home because of the misunderstanding between himself and his grandfather, as a result he went to live in the market square as a street child for a good seven days.

It took some good Samaritans who were in the name of some NGO to talk to the boy, convince him and bring him home to continue with his education.

Till date (May 2020), the boy cannot trace the whereabouts of these angels, he is now doing very well, has grown to become a fine gentleman with the fear of the Lord, a pastor who preaches in Senior High and Junior High schools, a conference speaker, a mentor, a writer/author, an/a web and Apps developer, but has the vision to work with the U.N to bring children out of bondage so they don’t suffer what he suffered, he wants to be a bishop and an I.T professor, thus he is pursuing some degrees that would aid him such a bright future.

Now, I come to ask, what if God didn’t position that woman in that NGO at that time to rescue the young poor and ignorant boy? Would he still have this great ambition, and influencing lives?

This is what exactly EMP has come to do, to change lives, through Mentoring or Mentor-ship; our doors are always open for mentors, men-tees, donors, sponsorship, in every little way you think you can help realize the vision and mission of EMP; you can click on the “about page”, read about us and get in touch with us.

Let us always meet at the top because that is exactly where we belong – love you all!