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The Drawbacks as Thorns

As some fans celebrate, many are in awe. The sports analysts are still fishing the loopholes. Some expected a loss but not this magnitude. What is on every lip is 8:2.

I have watched and re-watched the game several times. Was it a normal league game or a friendly game? It was a champions league game. After Chelsea, PSG, Real Madrid, and Juventus lost their games, it was said that the “boys” have been separated from the “men”. It was no ordinary game, one that was highly anticipated, a game between Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

When Bayern scored the first goal it was not surprising and some said it was part of the game. Then the equalizer was an own goal. No matter the angle you look at it from, it was meant to dampen the team spirit, it should have exerted some pressure on the Bayern team and many expected more mistakes. It was a beautiful goal from Alaba but his attitude after scoring his team is not one mostly seen on the pitch by players in such situations. He stood up and smiled oh he actually laughed like it was a normal thing. He laughed like he knew this will not hinder their chance in any way. There was no time to brood over the mistake and dim the team spirit. It was still the early hours of the game. A mistake has been made but it is not game over. The final whistle has not been blown and truly what happened after the early mistake has set the soccer world ablaze.

Life, like the game between Barça and Bayern, has successes and setbacks. Even Abraham who was a friend of God had some thorns to deal with. We secure a small victory and before we can fully celebrate and soar higher, we are handed a blow, shattering all the joy and expectations we have.

Some of these setbacks are created by our own hands and the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” questions start flooding our minds. We are just humans after all. We sometimes question God and our faith takes a hit.

What matters is not the fall but our attitudes after the fall. How long do we lie down brooding over the cause, what should and shouldn’t? How long do we lament over the injuries waiting for another to lift us and help us dust off?

Our pace is mostly determined by the priority we place on the Ultimate prize. Our desire to reach the final destination gives us the courage to persevere, even if it means dragging an injured leg or crawling.

Your dream did not shatter because you fell, the path only changed. You can take a detour, use the opportunity to learn and make adjustments to your strategy. Fill the loopholes and upgrade yourself for a tougher challenge.

The relationship failed but your life did not end, you failed an exam does not mean you have failed in life. It was just a set of questions you can re-sit. The business deal failed and your capital is gone but you can re-strategize and start anew. There is no law or hidden rule that prohibits starting over. As long as you have life, tell yourself “it is not over until I win”.

The success stories we read about others were not created overnight but through thorns and thistles, helpless and hopeless situations, failures and struggles, disappointments and betrayals. As many as refused to quit but rose to shake the dust off, as many as looked at the worst circumstance and smiled at it gathering their strength to forge on, emerged as victors.

Life is like a sailing boat; it rocks till it docks.

Pray through all situations, give your best, and leave the ones beyond your control to the one above.

Like one of my motivators keeps saying: “don’t stress life”.

Like Alaba, laugh and fight till the final whistle.

You are the dream of a generation. Quitting is not an option and failure is how you define it.

Akosua Omenaa (Apatu the blue bird)