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The moment has come where sentiments must be expressed with action. Analyzing the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, a million and one questions come to mind. A lot of discussions are ongoing, financial analysts are assessing the financial impacts, businesses are folding up, some employees are being laid off and worst of all the cases are not reducing. As we pray to God to work miracles, we need to lend a hand to those in isolation. Once healthy people are now under 24-hour surveillance, leaving the comfort of their homes, their families, and jobs looking up to health personnel and government for survival. The health sector cries for PPE’s on a daily basis as some of these front liners risk their lives to save lives.

Let’s take a moment to consider the number of these health workers who are not only infected but lost their lives in the battlefield of Covid-19 in their rescue mission, leaving behind dependants and families. It’s not just a duty that keeps them on the verge of life and death but their passion to save a life. If we are feeling the heat at the comfort of our homes then how much more these ones.

Rev Collinwood with the patrons and leadership of EMP, has deemed it necessary to come to the aid, to stand with the front liners, to empathize with the patients in the fight against Covid-19.

We can rebuild the economy but lost lives cannot be recovered. The economy will take lesser time to be restored with the survival of the working class. We will grow faster if we build on the already laid foundation but what happens if the foundation is destroyed. Let’s put all hands-on deck to sail the ship to the shore not watch it sink as we stand and sympathize. Let’s show our love and duty by donating to the EMP Covid-19 Relief fund which aims to support the front liners and the patients to make their pain a little bearable.

 What you have may not be sufficient to assist but if we put our little together it will go a long way to save a life. We are all on a rescue mission, together we can. Yes! It is possible. Love conquers all, the time is now to put our LOVE into action.

Akosua Omenaa (Apatu the bluebird)